Mr. Peter arrived home from his trip to New York City tonight!  I will update with lots of pictures tomorrow but he had a blast with his grandparents and they pretty much did the city in 6 days.  That is saying a lot when you are talking about doing the city in a wheelchair in the freezing cold!  They saw everything and Peter could not stop talking about all the great shows that he went too!  He told us that he really only missed Jefferson...  Don’t you love that?!  Just like a kid huh?!


I have hesitated to write over the past few days due to the fact that I did not know really what to say about my break from my sweet boy.  When your life is centered around serving another person and then that person is gone for a while it leaves you in an interesting spot that only caregivers can relate too... I did notice the ease in which our family got in and out of the car, the ease in which everyone got dressed on their own, ate on their own and the other selfish pleasures that one has when everyone is really on their own.  However, the large gapping hole that was left in his absence made all our hearts long to have him home again!  It is not easy to learn servanthood but once you are changed by it you realize it is a better place to live than any other spot.  I guess the last few days have shown me that it is the small things of giving to another person that tend to remind you exactly what the big things are.  I am not sure that really makes sense other than to say I am happy to have him home and in my arms again!!  I would gladly give up all the ease of life to keep him in the center of my life!  WELCOME HOME SWEET PETER!!