I thought I was going to be talking about Peter’s trip but to tell you the truth I don’t have any pictures from the trip yet...  MOM....  So I guess I will have to move on for now onto other things....

Okay, let’s talk about biggest fears...  Here is one of mine.  Singing the National Anthem as a high schooler at a basketball game.  Not the easiest song in the world to sing and let's just mention that High school really does not seem the time that it is easy tolaugh at your mistakes.  But Jess pulled it off beautifully Tuesday night!  I don’t know how.  She even played in her game right before she sang.  It is really weird when your kids actually do one of your biggest nightmares and live through it.  I guess in my mind it always ended up going badly and I always forgot the words but Jess remembered all the words and sang on key and survived.  I sat there watching her with my mouth dropped open.  AMAZING!

One of my friends always laughs at me because my family shows up to each others events in masses...  I couldn’t get everyone it one shot there were so many....

That is what it is like it in this family.  It for sure makes you feel very important if nothing else.  It’s the kind of thing that we all kind of like to do...  One time my parents dropped by work just to watch me work... haha That gets a little awkward but it is really funny.  We are all so interested in each others lives. 

We lose showing up for each other as we age don’t we?  When was the last time you showed up just to watch your friend do something they are go at?  Have you ever gone to a friend tennis match just to watch them play? Or watched a friend in a choir concert?  I like how kids show up for each other and cheer each other on.  If you go to any high school choir concert it is funny because you always hear some kids yelling for their friend from the crowd.  I like that!  I wish we were all more like that, willing to encourage each other no matter what!  Just to be there to yell for your friend!  It’s small but it matters!! 

Of course everyone stayed and enjoyed watching mandi and Jessi tear it up on the bball court! The fun of living all together is watching each others kids grow into adults. It is a priceless thing when you can share that with family! It means the world to me to have the family show up and support the kids! One day they will see the value in it if they don't see it now.