So here it is Christmas Eve!!  Time for friends and family!  We are tucked away in a sweet condo by the ocean this Christmas!  It is quiet and lovely here and we have a little Christmas tree with the amazing Pacific Ocean in the background.  Presents are appearing under the tree and there is a sense of joy in the air.  We are heading to the Del Hotel to do a little ice skating and then to a family movie!  Hope your Christmas is special and that you will remember the reason we celebrate!!  I said that to one of the girls friends and he replied back, “I know because of the gifts.”  :)  Rascal!  But seriously the only reason for the joy is because HOPE was born 2000 years ago in the form of Jesus!  May your day be a glorious celebration of that amazing HOPE!  Merry Christmas to ALL!!!  Didn’t get my Christmas cards out this year so I guess it is a New Years card once again...  Oh well!!    :)