So that was the question when we bought this used VW bug for the girls to share last week...  Jeff and I went back and forth...  I know automatics are easier but if you never learn to drive a manual you will never make yourself learn.  So after much discussion we decided upon a manual....  As if teaching two people at once to drive is not hard enough now add in teaching them how to drive on a manual...  I think I have whip lash!!  :)  I am not sure I have the patience for all of this!!  “Stop, ok go, clutch in clutch out, don’t take that turn at 30, CLUTCH IN!!”  Yip, that has pretty much been everything that I have been saying lately... Let’s see if I will be able to teach this one...  Right now even they are wondering.  As you can tell from the picture above we are working lots in the school parking lot.  Remember those days?  

Two days to Christmas!!!  :)