For the last 10 years every time a grand kid hits about 11 years old my folks take that kid on a special trip just them and that one kid.  It is a big special time in our family and always something that is looked forward to.  The kid always receives a new suit case which kind of tells you that your trip is just around the corner.  Here is a picture of Peter getting his suit case.

Peter is going to New York City with Honey and Papa for a week.  Just him and them....  I can’t tell you I am not nervous for them but I will say I know they will have a great time together.  Peter has never been away from me for any amount of time.  He has done an occasional sleep over but that is about it.  Peter loves music and so that is just exactly what this trip will be all about.  He is going to three Broadway musicals and see just about everything there is to see in the Big Apple.  He can hardly wait!!  I can hardly wipe the smile off of his face today.  He leaves in the morning and won’t return until Monday.  I give it to my folks for doing this.  At 70 years old it is quite a feat to take a kid with special needs all by yourself.  I am so proud of all three of them!!  Here’s to a good trip and safe returns!!  

I will post a picture of the big departure tomorrow...