I have been surrounded by teenagers for the last four days and I am beginning to feel really old. Don’t get me wrong I really like teenagers they just have a way about them that reminds you that you are not one ofthem.  I was driving in the car with three teens all in the backseat because once the kids hit a certain age sitting in the front with their mom is not as cool when any friends are in the car so you end up driving around like a driver. I remember the days they fought over the front seat. Anyway, so here I am driving them to the mall and I sneezed. Not that loud just a normal sneeze.  All three of them said, (and I quote), “OH MY GOSH!!”  

I looked back and said, “excuse me ladies, I thought the word was BLESS YOU!”  

Yip, that’s the way it seems to be going around here. I know what it was, they were so busy texting when I sneezed that their finger must have jumped a bit when they heard an unexpected sound come from the front seat...  Probably why my sneeze was treated like an intruder.  Poor little sneeze.  Is there no respect for the sneeze anymore from the teenagers?  Maybe GOSH is the new BLESS YOU for them...  You don’t get the warm fuzzy feeling like the BLESS YOU comment when someone says, “OH MY GOSH” at your sneeze.  Oh well.  This is the way things have been going for me.