As I was trying to figure out what I was going to write about today I came across this picture from the summer.  Whenever I look at it this I laugh!  Because it reminds me of the wacky days of summer.  I always have extra wheelchairs at my house and all the neighbor kids love jumping into a chair and playing with Peter.  I love that about kids.  Why do we lose that when we grow up and get serious?  Wouldn’t it be cool if even as adults we could jump into an extra wheelchair and just be with a friend whose in a chair?  Or jump into a friends shoes if only for an afternoon just so that we could really relate to them on their level.  Kids are great at that.  It’s one of the many things we leave behind in childhood.  We spend adulthood always trying to not offend or not bring up what makes us different.  But kids they bring it right up and face it and move on and figure out ways to work with the differences.   Actually it’s somewhere in Junior High that we decide that it is better to just all be all alike but in reality it really would be completely boring.  

So the next time you wonder how to relate to someone just a little different than yourself think of this picture and put yourself in their shoes for just a little while, it might answer a few questions.  It’s small but it changes your response to everything!