This is the beautiful vision I get to see most mornings.  My boys going off to school together.  Why I think this is so beautiful is when Peter was small I never really could grab a vision of him independent or a vision of what his twin-ship would look like.  I never knew if the boys would know school together and if they did how it wouldlook for them doing things on their own.  As Peter grew older my vision became more and more realistic and now I see what life is really like with a disability.  In this beautiful country you’re given plenty of opportunity to make life just what you want it to be!  Your new vision although altered just a bit can be more powerful than ever imagined.  

It is never long before you see those shining smiles rounding the corner for home...  

Today be thankful for your visions and if your visions have to be altered a bit due to circumstances be thankful for your new visions because there is beauty in them as well. Maybe due to your new perspective it is just that much more beautiful knowing that you have found peace in where you are in life!  If you can get to acceptance and make peace with it you will be happier, trust me!  Find the joy in the typical or maybe the not so typical!  :)