I love fall color!  In Arizona we don’t really have much color.  What we have in Arizona is long shadows. The long shadows of fall. I know that is true of everywhere but in Arizona when your life is under the sun you have a tendency to notice the movement of the sun more. Since shade is my love language I love the change of the sun during this time of year. Fall here doesn’t show itself in beautiful shades of orange and red but the way the sun hits trees and grass is different than in the summer.  It is much more gentle and spreads an almostgold hue on everything.  In the fall and winter around Arizona it is almost like the sun kisses the landscape. Every part of the country is different but it all is beautiful in different ways!  That is what I love the amazing creativity of this big beautiful world!!  Find beauty in where you are planted. Be grateful that God has given you the ability to appreciate your surrounds and intentionally point them out to yourself as often as possible. Our gratitude changes our thoughts.