I have a blog back in 2008 called "Piles" the picture was a nice, neat stack of papers. I just recently organized all of these stacks. It was a JOB. I actually found some gift cards! So there was a LITTLE bit of fun in the dreadful job. Do you see over in the right hand corer of the table? That is my University of Phoenix Diploma!! I am so thankful not to be in school this year! It still has not completely soaked in but when I look at a school related item I get totally thankful not to be going to class on Thursday nights.

I am days away from going to MEXICO!!!!  I am going with 9 of my favorite girlfriends from my college days in Seattle! I am super excited! We are heading down to Rocky Point to celebrate all of us turning 50. We actually get together every other year it just so happens that this year is a landmark year. In my past blogs you will see our last few trips. Every single trip with these girls is sweeter than the time before. All of us seem to value our time together more and more as we continue to meet together. 

Keeping up with friends is sometimes difficult and always time consuming. For some people it is down right too hard to find the time to put the effort into. I actually understand that thought but it is the most healthy thing you can possibility do for one another. Supporting each other through the journey of life is such a gift. It honestly really only takes one person in the group to be the coordinator and everyone else to just jump on board. We are all facing different life circumstances but love binds us to each other. For our trip I asked everyone to bring a beauty item that they can not live without and wrap it and then to bring a book that they love and wrap it. :) During one of our evenings together we will have a gift exchange.  Each of us will have a new beauty item and book to remind us of one another. Jeff told me he had never heard of anything more "girley" in his life. haha I said, "well that's what we are." 

Well it is an understatement to say I am living for Thursday when two of my friends come in! On Friday we will drive ourselves down to the beach! I will blog and post some fun photo's because life is better if we record our memories.... :) Never ever forget to make sure you surround yourself with other women who love and support you. It will be the most life enhancing thing you can do! Us girls need each other!!