Since I have two 15 year olds right now I have to comment on both of them. Jessi worked hard at creating a beautiful song for her grandparents 50th wedding anniversary! She performed for them and in front of all their friends at the party! It was amazing! I am constantly amazed that she has the musical talent that she has and how she uses it for God. She plays on her guitar all the time these days. She is always writing a new song. I love it. She seems to be very inspired to push herself in music. She has goals for herself in her choir program as well. It is fun to see her talents arising to the top and watch her form her style. She definitely has a fashion style arising. She is developing into such an artist. 

Right now she is also in the middle of her tryouts with basketball. This is always a brutal time and the workouts are difficult. She will most likely be on the JV team and will be one of the stronger players. I think it will be the best place for her and will give her the most floor time. I know it is hard for her that Mandi made Varsity but she will soon be there. Maybe it will help them not compete with one another as strongly. I don't really know if they will ever stop competing. It is the absolute hardest part of raising twins. The two of them are constantly comparing themselves. I HATE it! It seems to make one of them feel rotten about themselves all the time, when in reality they are both doing really well. I wish they could see that comparison steals your joy. But I guess that will also be a lesson that must be learned in time and on their own.