So off to California my bff and I went for the weekend!  Boy was it fun!!  Full of laughter and great moments of talking and eating wonderful dinners....  We had so much fun.  We sat on the beach most of the time reading and taking naps.  I know totally lazy!  And then we went on a horse ride through the wineries.  We had such a blast.  We both really like riding so that is always fun to do together!  Kind of makes me wish I had the life of living on an orchard and that one of my jobs was to ride around on my horse just checking that everything looked good...  I am always looking for the kind of job that really all I do is make sure that everything is okay.  Never really solving problems just making sure things are good... haha. And of course in my fantasy things are always good. 

I rode a mustang!  I love mustangs!  Always wanted to ride one so this made me really happy!!  Boy I wish I had a horsie!!  We rode at sunset and it was so beautiful!  

So here is my little piece of advise ALWAYS take time (it does not have to much) to be with a friend that makes you laugh and encourages you in all you are! Do the same to your friend and make sure you keep your part! Make your friendship important and something worth working on.  As we grow older with more responsibilities we have a tendency to not put friendships on the list of things that make us healthy but they are so important to our well being!  For some people this comes naturally but for others it is a little more work. It is worth the effort I promise!  No matter what type of person you are friendships are worth the extra work!!  Make time for friends you will thank yourself for it later...