I am not joking when I say I LOVE my birthday.  This whole idea is probably annoying to Jeff but he has made it even more like that in me by giving me so much attention for my birthday.  I have tried to change and act as if it did not mean anything to me but that didn’t work because it only made me mad at everyone in my family that acted like my birthday was no big deal.  So I decided to embrace the fact that it means a lot to me and just be honest.  

If you want to blame someone I think the finger should point directly at my mom.  She loves her birthday and loved giving us all the attention we needed on our birthdays.  Even now she feeds my love for my birthday!  My dad is not much better, in fact the entire gang of my family is not much better.  My phone rings the entire day and we all go out and celebrate. To be honest he really rises to the occasion well!!  For my 40th birthday he sent me to Italy with my best friend! That birthday will always remain my most special of all memories.  

So tomorrow is my birthday and I am turning 42...  That’s another thing I love being in my 40’s!!  I don’t really know why I just do!  I wish I could stay 40 something my entire life!  I have no idea why people are sad when they turn 40!  I personally think this is the very BEST age!  I have zero desire to go back to 20 something or 30 something but I love 40 something.  By 40 you know yourself so much better and are able to be okay with who you are and not caught up in comparing yourself.  The confidence of 40 something is different than your 30's! Maybe it is that I love the kids being their age as well! It is a great time as a family because everyone is old enough to have fun together and yet not so old that they have left yet. Let's be honest I really am just STARTING this decade so ask me when I turn 50 if my 40's were really all that much better. :)