I love beach days!!  I love that you can cook your dinners on the beach and there is never any dishes when life is at the beach!  To tell you the truth that means a lot to me right now due to the fact that my dishwasher is BROKEN!  Yeah you heard me right!  I have my in laws here so there are 8 people in the house and yet the dumb dishwasher decided to break!  Don’t you just hate to spend money on repairing things like that?  I would so much rather spend my money on a million other things other than fixing an appliance that I would hope would last longer than 5 years makes me super MAD! 

I sure miss the beach days of the summer. I had so much fun living life on the beach this summer for three weeks! The kids and I lived on our own schedule. The girls would surf at sunset and the boys and I would watch them from the grass while cooking dinner. Those are the sweetest memories. It's funny how I miss the summer now that the summer is over. Why is that? I was so ready for the school year to start and now I miss the beach. It just goes to show I struggle with contentment. I need to work on my content heart. Maybe as I mature so will my contentment. 

 I read the book The Shack this summer to the girls. Jessi seemed to love it. Mandi was a good gamer and listened along but Jessi absorbed the writings. It is fun sharing new things with the girls as they grow a little older. They have good thoughts on things and I enjoy hearing them as they process things in their life. It reminds me of how much energy is spent on friends when you are young and trying to make things work out with everyone. How much energy is spent on trying to make everyone like you. I feel for them sometimes because friends at this age do usually equal drama (at least when you're a girl). 

Well back to reality and the broken dishwasher....  I will be calling the repair guy this afternoon...