Today I thought I would talk on Peter and how he touches others in life.  When I was first beginning to realize something might be wrong or not going as planned, I should say, for Peter I often wondered how he would be accepted by others who did not know him.  I questioned if others would give him a chance.  I hoped he would be protected from curious eyes.  And I even wondered if I could stand the challenge of answering the questions others had in their eyes concerning him.  I never guessed just how all those questions would be answered perfectly.

As time has marched on I have realized that Peter always reaches out to others as he gets to know them.  His hand is always reaching out towards the person he is talking to and he loves to hold their hand or touch them in some way while he is talking.  This action has always been really meaningful to me and has been one of the many lessons his disability has taught me.  The gift of a disability is that it erases competition and creates community.  Due to the fact that his weakness is obvious to others it completely changes the way people react to him.  We all have weaknesses but those of us whose weakness does not happen to be physical we are able to hide our weakness a little better than some and because of that there always seems to be some sort of competition or comparison with others.  But when you meet someone that you can clearly see their weakness it humbles you and cuts to the heart of everything.  That truly is one of the many gifts of a disability.  People with disabilities are ambassadors to life.  They teach us all the importance of what really makes us all alike, not all the things and talents that separate (and sometimes isolate) us from each other.  It seems small but it has such big affects!