Well, I think I am finally done writing about the 50th wedding anniversary my siblings and I just put on for my folks.  Saturday night was the big event and it was a BEAUTIFUL night to say the least!  So many things touched me during the evening!  One of the biggest things that struck me was that every marriage has a story and every marriage that decides to stick to their word and stay together through the tough times is a story to be told to all of us...  It was an evening of many long marriages that took the hard path and stuck together and just being in their presence was a blessing.  Also it was a room full of long friendships!  Friendships that have held through the test of time and have endured...  That also was beautiful!!  

The evening was touching for another fact to me as well and that was that we had 21 servers that were just really dear friends of ours that offered to help!  What an incredible blessing that was and how amazing it was that our friends would step up in our time of need!  People are amazing to me!  I love people and I love to witness when they all pitch in and help each other!  Last night I had the unique experience to be on the receiving end of friends helping and it blessed me beyond words!!!  It might have seemed small to them to help out but it had amazing effect on all!!  

Here is to long all marriages that push past the hurts, to long friendships that forgive and love and to serving one another whenever we can!!  I am so full of all of that this weekend that I can’t think of much else!!   Thank you friends!!!