I walked passed my girls room yesterday and looked in because it was so quiet and this is what I saw.  Yeah, everyone texting...  Every generation has different issues with raising teenagers but ours is ruling over technology.  What makes it a tad bit more challenging is that we were not raised with this kind of technology.  Sure our mom’s had to put up with us sitting for hours on the phone but at any time she could pick up the phone and spy on or at least know who we were speaking too.  Now kids don’t even know each others home phone number (is there such a thing?)  And if that is not enough to monitor try Facebook and Myspace.  I personally don’t think those things are bad for kids it just takes being on top of things and knowing what is going on.  These amazing technological advances makes having teens in this day and time a new challenge.  Only time will tell how it affects them considering they ONLY text each other.  They hate to call each other.  I don’t even get that but hey my folks didn’t get half the things I did as a teen either.