Okay, have you ever seen anything sweeter?  This is exactly what I love about kids!  They know how to relate to each other!  This picture is Peter with Jefferson and Ryan using his old wheelchairs... Ryan lives around the corner from us and is one of the boys best friends.  He loves to play in the wheelchairs!  These are the moments that are hard to picture when you are holding that little baby that they just gave you the news that there might be some developmental delays or you have just received the diagnosis.  This picture in your mind might be sadder than it is in reality.  Friends are made in all different ways.  Kids teach us how to relate with one another without barriers!  They have fun no matter what the situation and if they can join in it makes it even more fun!  I can’t tell you that watching these three go flying down the street in a long line always looks the safest but come on who could stop the fun when the picture is so sweet and telling!  We can learn a lot from these kinds of friendships!!  It is small but it changes lives!

I hope this inspires you to get out there and make friends that might be different from you but who might, just might, change your perspective on life!  This picture of the three of them in black shirts is for twins day at school.  Life with disabilities can look normal again but it might look a little more beautiful than just normal!!  Keep your eyes open for those perfect moments!!  They just keep coming!!

peter at school with ryan.jpg