This is a picture of my mom back in the the 70’s...  Is she so cute on her bike?  Makes me smile because she looks like she likes her bike as much as I like mine...  Now I see where I get it from...  I love how she has a cute necklace on while riding down the street.  And the head scarf is too funny! 

It’s hard to admit that you are like your mother sometimes isn’t it?!  (sorry mom)  I love my mom a lot and she’s so funny to me!  I am not saying that she never embarrasses me but hey that’s what mom’s are for right (at least that is what I tell my kids all the time)?  My mom is one of my biggest encouragers and pretty much thinks I know what I am doing with myself (even when I don’t).  She thinks better of me than I think of myself most of the time (but that is what moms are for too).   Losing a mom leaves a big gap in your life so I am always trying to remind myself to enjoy everymoment I have with her!  I love having her in my life.  It is because of her I can be the kind of mom that I am today.  One that likes to ride bikes and let the wind blow her hair, one that takes chances, one that tries to see the good and one that sometimes takes the easy way out (oh not that one I picked that up myself)... Love you Mom!!!  Happy Friday!!  Ride your bike this weekend!