After that long story yesterday I thought it was time for a nice landscape picture.  This was taken in a small coastal town in Tuscany.  The beauty is hardly captured in this picture but you can get the feel of it.  I stood taking this shoot a few days before my 40th birthday with a life long friend.  It brings back lots of sweet memories of new adventures.  It is still warm (okay hot) here so I need to see pictures of water to keep me happy.  

Yesterday I went on a long hike with a sweet friend of mine and almost fell over in a heat stroke...  Brutal!  Not the right time of year for those kinds of activities.  Lived here almost all my life and still make bad calls like that sometimes.  We had fun chatting but I think she got really sick of me saying, “boy, I am really really hot!  Can we sit in the shade?”  Probably the last time she ask me to hike... I am probably a better go to coffee person anyway.

Well, the weekend is here and I will save another story of mishaps for later, after everyone has recovered from the last story.  By the way the car accident ended up being more of a fender bender than anything.  I still feel bad about the whole thing.  Maybe now that I have written it out I can heal...   :)