One of the biggest gifts Peter’s disability has given our family is the chance to serve each other!  There are times where the disability runs into the family fun and makes it kind of difficult to proceed but at those moments it pushes you to be creative with how to make it all work for everyone.  Swimming is always a little bit of a challenge with getting in and out of the pool but when the family works together there is always a way...  Small memories of the kids helping each other are priceless for any mother and when a disability is involved you actually get to experience those moments maybe just a little longer than some!  That truly is a gift!! 


Mandi is only the oldest of this family by 2 minutes yet she has always jumped into being my go-to girl! From the moment I brought home my boys the girls were my saving grace. This picture was taken after I had seen Mandi take Peter in and out of the pool several times. She wanted him to experience the pool the way she was able to running from pool to pool and she was willing to give him the legs to do it. Many times these sorts of pictures touch my deepest heart, it makes me grateful for the wonderful children God allowed me to raise. This picture was taken when Mandi was in 8th grade and at the ripe old age of 12. It is a great demonstration of how it seems almost natural for the kids to help each other out.