This is a picture of Jeff bungee jumping in 1992...  Yeah that was just as people were starting to do such a thing...  He did this while he was on a business trip with his boss in Australia, right into the Gold Coast.  This was his first (and last) jump ever in his life and he looks so confident and sure of his destiny.  When I first saw this picture years ago after he returned home I was kind of mad at him because I said, “Why do you look so good?”  I wanted a picture of him screaming, cursing and kicking his legs as he fell but no not his guy he took off from his little perch from above like a professional diver with nothing but a cord tied around his ankles.

This picture reminds me of a few things.  One it makes me think about how much more confident we would be if we knew our ankles were tied with a cord that would not let us go.  Maybe then when given something in life that scares us we might instead look at it with confidence instead of screaming and kicking all the way down but then again it is those falls that give us confidence.  Maybe not our first fall but every fall after we slowly begin to realize that just maybe our ankles are tied to something more then we expected.   There comes a time in life when things out of our control dramatically change what we expected for our destiny.  The good news is that our ankles really are anchored! We just struggle with trust. Personally speaking, love has followed me all the way to the bottom of a long fall and bounced me back up before I hit the ground.