Okay, so here are the hard facts of life with a disability--EDUCATION!  There is nothing easy about having a kid that does not learn in the typical fashion that standards demand educators to hold too.  Education has probably been my personal largest challenge with Peter.  No one wants to believe he is as capable as I believe and no one seems to be willing or completely determined to get the best out of him!  It is times like these that I wonder how Helen Keller’s parents actually found a teacher willing to give her life to teach Helen!  How fortunate if you think about it, back then she would have really not have been able to have the life she ended up having if it had not been for the determination of an amazing teacher!!  In today’s standards, which have come a long way from back then Helen still would have been in a separate class, label as a multi-disabled child and would have only been taught life skills... 

I went to Washington a couple of years ago and I was surprised to find that Helen Keller and her teacher were buried in one of our national buildings.  We hold the Helen Keller story close to our heart and yet we have only learned small parts from her story.  Our system of dealing with kids with learning disabilities has only come so far and we still don’t really get how to deal with differences in learning styles.   

As parents of these beautiful kids we only have one choice and that is to push on for what we believe of them to be true in our hearts!!  My struggle continues and probably will for the rest of Peter’s life!  If you are in the same spot know you are not alone!  Education is no small thing but every small matter in education makes big differences!!  Keep pressing for more!!