Here is a picture of my teenagers 13 years ago!  I saw this picture the other day and I thought for sure I needed to write about it....  I don’t get to watch Oprah much anymore but I caught some of the show last week and it was on mom’s that became so overwhelmed with their little kids that they did all sorts of dangerous things (like dart across traffic with their stroller causing an accident)...  And I thought back to these busy days that I thought would never end!! 

The girls were exactly this age when I accidentally locked them in the car with my keys in the car with them.  I had just locked the second girl into her car seat when I shut the car door forgetting that right before I got them both in their car seats they had been playing in the front seat with the lock button, locking and unlocking the doors.  My keys were in the front seat along with my purse and as I shut the door I heard the all the doors lock.  “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,”  was all I said over and over as I rounded the car over and over trying all the doors to no avail.  We never seem to have a spare set of keys when you need them but I called Jeff just to see and he was deep into a meeting unable to help.  I then spent the next two hours trying to get them out.  Eventually I called the fire station and they sent the fire fighters out to stick a wire hanger into the window and try to unlock the doors like that.  Can you believe that?  That is the best the fire fighters have with them a wire hanger?  Makes you think huh?!  I am now a proud AAA member!

Anyway when I finally got them out they were all sweaty and had fallen asleep which I was not sure was a nap or a coma.  Once again a brush close to the edge.  Those stories happened to me during the overwhelming days.  It is not hard to be overwhelmed when it is hard just to remember your own things let alone all the things needed for two more humans that depend on you...  If you are there HANG ON!! It gets better! Now I kinda miss those sweet days when I had them all to myself. When playing with little dolls were fun.