If you can’t figure out this picture it is of homemade Biscotti’s that I am in the process of making for the big anniversary party next weekend!  I have cooked cookies for 4 days in a row getting ready for all of the party events.  I love making Biscotti’s but they are time consuming and do take LOTS of eggs etc.  Anyway during my third day of cooking I had taken my cookies out of the oven, cut them, let them cool and then bagged them.  When I came back into the kitchen to take out the next batch that was in the oven I noticed that they were no longer on my table that I was working on.  I passed it off due to the fact that you stop reasoning after so many days of cooking cookies and kept on.  Later that night I figured out the mystery.  My dog Max... UGH!!!

He had gotten to the bag of my precious biscotti and had his way with all of them.  And as if that was not bad enough he proceeded to throw them up in seven different places all over my house!   “You have got to be kidding me!”  I screamed at him!!  Is that a cooker’s nightmare or what?!  Needles to say I have one more day of cooking thanks to MAX!!!