Okay, thanks for all the feedback!  I can see from the comments from yesterday that all of you understand what I am saying about change!!  Is anyone out there?  Do we need another picture of me?!  No but I can’t figure out a good picture for this subject about me.  I guess I keep thinking this is what one would be seeing if we were having coffee together...  Excuse the wrinkles...  :)

Anyway back to changes.  The other day when Jeff and I were at our favorite little cafe coffee house I asked for an application.  Okay, Jeff got one for me because I was too scared to ask for one.  Anyway I filled it out while we drank our coffee and turned it in before we got on our bikes to ride home.  Not thinking much when I turned it in I was surprised when the manager asked me for an interview right there.  (did I mention I did not have make up on?  imagine those wrinkles without make up--scary!)  Anyway, I sat there with Brittany(the name alone should show you how young she was) telling her that I would really like working there if she had some school hours available.  She actually said they did and two weeks later they actually hired me!  I am now working at this really cool little diner/coffee shop from 8-2 a couple of days a week.   What an amazing thing to have a job again!  Especially one that does not require much from me just a smile and a willingness to clean off a table and brew more coffee.  Let’s be honest us mom’s are the best at that!  

This job is just the beginning for me to see who I am now that I am emerging from the “stay home mom cocoon”.  It is strange how you come into motherhood one person and by the time you have two minutes to think about yourself again you are a new version of yourself.  Life has a way of changing you. But it is a great time to try to figure out these deep questions. This journey might take me several years before I really know my new self and what I want to do when I have more time.