I have been thinking a lot about change lately...  I think it is the age of my kids or maybe my age but whatever it is I have been thinking...  I have been a stay home mom now for 15 years and my move into staying home although I would like to say was blissful in reality was a very restless time for me.  My first couple of years of staying home with the kids were filled with question and I didn’t really know what to do...  I was raised by a stay home mom so I thought the very act of staying home full time would be nothing but natural.  Well it wasn’t for me...  Every time Jeff would leave for work I always had a little question as to, “what am I suppose to do now?”  Don’t get me wrong I know it is a blessing to have the opportunity to even stay home and be with the kids I am just saying it was restless for me personally.  Difficult to believe I know for some moms that did this transition without question.

Anyway as the years chugged on I got more use to my position and resigned myself to certain things.  However, now that the kids are coming to the age where they are a little more self sustaining my mind has been thinking...  School?  Job?  What can a girl with a college degree but little work experience for 15 years do?  Lets just be honest no one has been banging on my door begging me to come back to the work force but let's think here...  What can one do that would not disrupt the family that is so use to things being done whenever they need it?  What sort of employment is fine with the lengthly lack of references?  What does one do on a job interview anymore?  How can one even ask for an application without feeling dumb and wondering if everyone in ear shot is laughing?  

Although I know I have plenty left to offer I feel a little rusty when it comes to getting my feet back into the work force pool... Let’s be honest here I still have lots of responsibilities on the home front I just happen to have little blocks of time... Tomorrow I will share the news...  It is small but big to me personally...  We shall talk more then but for now what changes in your life are you considering?