Okay, I love this photo because this is a photo of my dad and little brother (back in the 70's) coming out of a public restroom but check out what is in my brothers hands...  Look closely.  It is a can of Lysol.  Oh my gosh that is so funny because that means that my dad sprayed the restroom before he used it!  I am laughing so hard right now I can hardly type!!  I wonder why my mom chose to take this photo to begin with because there isn’t really much going on, maybe he just accomplished going I don’t know but the Lysol makes me laugh!  Sorry if any of you spray the restroom before you use it but that thought has NEVER crossed my mind!  And why on earth is my dad wearing bright white pants?? 

I have given almost everyone in my immediate family some blog time except my amazing brother Jack (which since I know he doesn’t read these I can write ANYTHING about him!).  However, I love this guy.  I remember when he turned 10 and thinking to myself I could not believe how fast he was growing up...   I was a Junior in high school when he came onto my social scene as a freshmen and for those two years we drove to high school every morning together.  Later I found out that he rode most of the way with his eyes closed because he thought I was a horrible driver and I was going to get us into some sort of crash. (I was totally offended when I heard that)...  Jack was flexible, a total gamer and easy to talk to.  I was always trying to make him more like me although there is no changing him.  He is an artist through and through.  Sees everything a little different than others but is one of the most deep people I know.  He tries his best at all he does, one of the many characteristics I admire about him.  He is an amazing husband to my sweet sister in law and a great Dad.  I am proud of him.  I like to think a lot of his good qualities are because of my good sistering but I know the truth...

If you ever bump into him don’t tell him about the Lysol thing he won’t get it!!  But I hope it made you laugh!!