I had to head to the wheelchair clinic this week...  UGH!  I hate that place!  You wait forever in the waiting room which is tough on me because I don’t wait well and then you see the ever cranky wheelchair workers.  The whole process is burdensome but is a must do...  Peter’s wheelchair is falling apart and the process to get it repaired is much more difficult than it should be but that’s how it goes when you are working with state run insurance...  All the same it made me think, as I was dealing with the ever cranky wheelchair workers, how so many people are in jobs they hate!  Why is that?  Why do people stay in a job and hate every single minute of it?   It seems the harder way to go...   Anyway we ended up getting the job done (four hours later) and the wheels are now ready to head to school on MONDAY!!!  

Doctor appointments, therapist appointments and follow up appointments are the way of life for a mom with a kid with special needs!!  You do it for years and years and soon you stop looking for answers from the appointments and just start seeing them as part of the story.  At the beginning you go to all the appointments for answers and maybe reassurance and then somewhere along the way you realize there really are not that many answers and mostly it is just about living the best you can with what you have.

I guess that is true for everyone!!   There comes a time in life when you say it is time to make peace with all that I am and now I am just going to become the best with what I have to offer.  That doesn’t mean that you have to be the best at everything or better than someone else that has your talents it just means you need to try to the best at what you have to offer the world...  Sometimes we spend our time waiting for something to change before we honestly believe that what talents we have are valuable...  You know it’s the small things that matter!!  :)  Enough for now I’m off to make sure the back packs are ready for MONDAY!!!!