I told the girls I would write about them one of these days and I figured there is no time like the present...  Plus I don’t have much more on my mind other than school starting on Monday...  (my personal favorite day of the year...)  

So here they are best friends since Kindergarten.  They play on this computer all the time taking crazy pictures of themselves and laughing late into the nights when they are together...  I love their relationship.  They truly care for one another like sisters.  They are heading into their sophomore year of high school and are all trying to figure out just who they are, all the while making plenty of time to laugh with each other.  I guess that is what I appreciate about their friendship it is full of laughter.  Friends that help you take yourself and things in your life lighter are valuable! They can almost finish each others thoughts and know how to take one another.  They secretly played “littlest pet shop” for years and love to go to each others choir concerts, basketball games or anything else where they can cheer for the other.  That is also special, when you can go to something just to enjoy watching your friend do well and it not make you feel bad about yourself.  They are all very different in many ways with completely different talents but all care for each other deeply.

So here is to friends who are so fun in life and color the world with their love for us!!!!