I have been out of town for three weeks and have just returned.  Our summer vacation this year ended up being going over to my folks beach house for three weeks and completely hanging out!  It was three weeks of life on the beach no shoes required and lots of time together.  Jeff could not stay with me for much of the time so it was just me and the kids.  What a gift it was to be with all of them without anything to distract me from my relationship with each of them.  I always walked on the beach with one of the kids every morning to the village for breakfast and on those walks we talked about everything.  Then the majority of the day was spent at the beach under my big tent watching them all surf, taking Peter crashing into the waves with his beach wheelchair and then cooking dinner on my little grill pictured above and topping it off with s’mores.  Nights were spent with the teenagers watching movies, reading books together and just laughing with each other.  

That brings me to the amazing realization that I have had s’mores almost every night for three weeks!  Although it has been nothing but total fun come on now I don’t think s’mores should be a vital part of a 40 somethings diet!  Needless to say I am going to have my work cut out for me recovering from those s’more summer nights.  But I have to say they were worth every calorie!  In our normal school year life we never stop long enough to grill up some s’mores.  And it is the entire process that makes s’mores so awesome!  All of us poking our sticks into the fire saying, “share the flame”.  And then pulling out the perfectly roasted marshmallow proudly.  If it has been a while since you have done s’mores with the kids do it and enjoy the calories and the process!!  What a joy in the end to watch everyone’s face be creamed by sticky marshmallows!