This summer while I was in California I took Peter to Malibu to surf with a company called Life Rolls On!  What an incredible day it was!!  This company takes anyone who is in a chair surfing!  There were about 20 surfers there and for each surfer there were about 20 people helping that one person to surf!  What a picture of helping others!  Jessi, Mandi, Jefferson and I sat on the beach watching each person surf in and we were all touched in ways that are hard to put into words!!  As the surfer arrived onto the beach after catching a wave the crowd watching erupted into an applause because the excitement was not just for the surfer but for the fact that you witnessed surfing with a new perspective, one that changes you for life!!  Being part of these sorts of things is one of the many incredible gifts that raising a child with special needs gives!  I personally think everyone should witness or be a part of helping with special needs in some way or another just to get a new perspective on life if nothing else!  The video of our awesome day is on my photo page and I must say up front the filming is terrible but oh well at least we have something!