Does that picture just make you thirsty?  There are a few things in life that just make me happy when I see them and here is one of them.  One time one of my friends was trying to tell me all the reasons why I should not be drinking diet coke.  At the end of her very health conscience speech I said and did not crack a smile, “well, diet coke saved my life.”  What more could be said?!  

When my kids were all babies and no one was sleeping through the night I lived my moments for diet coke.  I know how lame that sounds but seriously it really is the small things huh?!  I didn’t have the time or energy to make myself a latte and I could not afford a Starbucks so I lived for my d.c.  If it wasn’t for my diet coke I would have fallen asleep giving the babies a bath....  I always told myself it could be worse but a crutch is a crutch and somehow in my personality I’m fine with a few crutches.  I always say, “you can’t be perfect.”  So I don’t have a huge overachievement mentality as one could tell, but most of you know that about me already.  Anyway, you have to admit, if you like diet coke this is a really really pretty picture it looks like it is floating in space just waiting to have your fingers wrap around its cold body!!!  Does anyone agree?