Last night Jeff and I took the girls for their birthday to the John Mayer concert!  It was so awesome!  He completely changed his style and I personally have to say I love it!  His guitar playing was out of this world (or as the kids say it, “sick”)!!  He played for almost two hours and I enjoyed every minuet of it!!  His new stuff is really GREAT!  Jeff and I were in heaven!

The girls loved it too!  Jess said she felt very inspired after hearing him and it was cool to hear his life as a song writer!  Colbie Caillat did his warm up and she was great too!!  What a great concert!!  I love going to concerts it is just too bad they are just so expensive!  It sure would be fun to have enough money to go to any concert your heart desired huh?!

I was just thinking how music changes and touches your life!  God is amazing how he uses music and loves music!  In my favorite book, “The Shack” God listens to music all the time and even listens to the music of people who are not yet born.  Who knows if that is true but it is kind of a cool thought to think about!  He knows artists before they even know if they are musically talented and he knows just what amazing talent they have!  That is true for all of us musically or not He knows just what gift we will be touched with and just how we will use it.  Kind of makes you want to use your talents wisely!!  Enough for now....