Yeah, I was minding my own business yesterday vacuuming with my new vacuum when I looked out the window and saw about 6 undercover cops and 3 plain clothes cops at my neighbors house.  I gathered the children around to show them what can happen when you make bad choices and then told them to watch me as I would go and try to figure out what was going on.  

I said, “I am just going to go get the mail”...  Anyway I walk out there and say to the cops, 

“Hey there everything okay?”  

They say, “No problem just talking to someone” 

I then try to unlock my mailbox to get the mail and the lock gets stuck.  You have to be kidding me!!  Right now when I am trying to be so cool about the whole thing like lots of cops in the neighborhood is NORMAL.  I work on my mailbox for a few minutes and then head back into the house.  So embarrassing!!!!!

I told the kids, “okay, that didn’t go so well”.

Shortly after that as we were all watching around the picture window my neighbor came out of the house hand cuffed and all and put into the police car and taken away.  I didn’t expect for that to happen at all.  I just figured they might have witnessed something and the cops wanted to chat with them and find out what they saw but no the wife was arrested and taken!  Isn’t it strange how you go through life thinking mostly about your own problems when close to you the world is crashing in around someone else?  Makes me kind of sad.  That was the big excitement in the neighborhood...  Never a dull moment.