That’s right you’re seeing an empty laundry basket baby!!! If you know me you know that I do my laundry on Sundays and it pretty much takes me all day and part of Monday and sometimes even then drags through the week depending on how good I am at putting things away, sometimes it takes me to the next Sunday but not this week!  (I know many can say to themselves why doesn’t she just make all her kids put everything away?  Good question but no response).  But put it in the history books today baby, I am done this week!! Sure the family did not get lunch or dinner but the task is DONE!!  Now if only I can get my toilets cleaned today... Always another job huh...  Maybe I will reward myself with an iced latte for a job well done, oh I forgot my car is in the shop.  I guess it will have to be a home latte (oh great another mess to clean).  

Is there a name for an empty laundry basket besides empty?  Seems that the word empty is too sad of a word to call an empty laundry basket.  It should be a happier word don’t you think?  You know a word that just makes you happy inside?  I must think up a word....  Any help?