I love this picture!  I took this picture in Montana right outside of Yellowstone park.  It sits in a graveyard with not much at all around it.  But this really cool rugged cross stands at someone’s grave and has been standing for over a hundred years.  Don’t know why it struck me as being so beautiful there was something about it, an untold story of a life that journeyed through this world.  That is what is always kind of cool when you step into a graveyard it is all these journey’s of lives that have come into this world.  You stop and read the grave stone and catch just a small sentence of what the person meant to their loved ones and maybe a small glimpse of what their life meant on this earth.  That is what I was doing the morning I took this shot looking at all the stories.  I know it might sound morbid but sometimes it puts life into perspective if you know what I mean. 

Then I thought how when it is all over all that is really remembered is the relationships you had with others.  How is it that life keeps us so busy and distracted with other things and yet when it comes down to the end all that really matters is your personal relationship with God and others.  Touching lives with your life is really all that can be remembered yet while alive those relationships are filled with complications, hurts and a variety of emotions.  Relationships are such a difficult concept and yet so simple.  So I guess every relationship you come across in this life is important and sacred if in the end that is all others will remember you for and all that the journey really is about.  So it all must then be worth the battery of emotions and struggles that relationships take because without all that life would be worthless.