Just to make everyone know I am a totally fair mom I thought I would write this morning about Jefferson...  Does he have a story to tell one day...  This is one of my triplets that was born on a totally different degree of health than the other two.  Although he could not breathe on his own when he was born and was on a vent for two and a half months he grew well and turned the corner on his problems relatively soon.  He hit all his developmental mile stones and was a bight light to me during those early days.  He demanded attention from me away from Peter and I tried the best I could to fill him as much as he seemed to need.  Anyone who raises one child with special needs while having others knows it is always a constant struggle to give enough to all that need you.  He has always been the one that stands to the side of Peter while people ask Peter all sorts of questions and talk to him.    He learned early on that the wheelchair brings lots of attention to Peter and made the two of them different as far as what people saw.  He works hard at not being ignored by strangers but has come to some sort of terms with it now.  

Mr. J is my name for him and he has earned it with him gentlemen ways.  His love for Peter is unending and his desire to help Peter live a life just like his own is shown in all he does with him.  He works hard with that wheelchair never saying anything about it but always trying to include it.  Peter’s disability gets to him sometimes and I will occasionally hear him yell at that “dumb” chair voicing some of his emotions for life with a disability.  You always have that because that is just real life.  Nothing comes without frustrations especially disabilities.  I always say most of the time you feel like you can beat the disability with your attitude but then there are the low times where the disability can beat you and you feel smashed up against its brick wall.  That is true for the one who has the disability and for the caregivers.  It never goes away and hangs in the air just above your breathing space allowing you just enough room.   

Mr. J has a lot to do in life and watching what he does with the life God has given him will be one of my biggest delights!!!