Okay I am not going to lie I wish I owned a horse!!  I think horses are probably the coolest animal alive!  I love how they can pick up on the type of person they are carrying on their backs.  One time we all went horse back riding as a family and Jeff had Peter on his horse riding double and his horse refused to go any faster then a slow, slow walk.  The owner of the horse said that horse was usually the lead horse but he could feel Peter’s disability on him and it was obvious he was not going to play around.  I love that!  

Anyway, I am still drowning in my piles of paper and now in homework and drop offs and pick ups.  However, it feels good to be back on a schedule, less rock band and less computer time for the kids!!  I thought I was going to go crazy with that rock band pounding in my ears!  (I know old lady comment)

Happy Friday!!