Can we just be honest and say summer is tiring!!!  So many things, so many people and so many meals to make, clothes to wash and arguments to break up!!  So many questions of, “what are we doing now?”  or “where are we going now?” or “can someone come over now?” my head is spinning!  Don’t get me wrong I do think kids MIGHT need a summer break it is just I don’t think I do summer break well.  I walk around looking for a good place to be alone and never find a spot where anyone will just let me be...  Lots of towels, lots of clothes on the floor heading to the pool, goggles everywhere and in places that don’t even make sense ...  Do kids ever get full in the summer?  Does summer have to mean eating every 2 hours?  I know it is only July and I should save this for August but I’m not sure if I will make it toAugust...  Doesn’t July feel like that?  Well it does for me.  What are you doing to survive the summer?  Please let me know!!!