My good friend told me yesterday it was time that I started telling some of my many mishap young mom days.  I know this is not that great of a photo I just don’t have that many on digital from these early days.  In this picture Jefferson and Peter are about 12 months and the girls are about 4 and a half.  These were trying days.  Days full of fussing and correction.  Days when my own judgement was tried.

To start I will begin like I begin lots of stories for Jeff,  “we all are okay now, NO one died.”  Okay now that is said I can begin...  One day that particularly stands out is the day that I decided to take the kids to circle k for icees.  I was desperate for exercise so I decided to walk (first mistake).  Walking with four kids this small is rather impossible but of course judgement flew out the window at the prospect of getting out of the house.  So into the double stroller the boys went and the girls got on their little pink bikes with training wheels and all and off we went.  The five of us down the road to circle k... That thought alone should send chills down your spine knowing this could not turn out okay.  On our walk there (which was several blocks and entailed the crossing of a major road) I began to question my poor judgement.  Trying to have the girls stay with me and trying to push the double stroller at a fast speed all the while juggling the oxygen that Peter was on was becoming a challenge.  But as we approached the busy street to cross and I saw the sidewalk was under construction and there was no way of getting my double stroller down it to get to the cross walk and I was further challenged.   A more sensible mom might have turned around at that point and I even thought about it and said to the girls, “We probable need to turn around”  

Of course the girls began to cry and say, “but we are so close please let’s try”.   Being someone that is talked into things easily I stayed on the mission.  There was a break in traffic and we all crossed but after we crossed I thought, there is no way that is going to happen again on our way back.  Now these were the days before cell phones because now I would have called for helped once I gotten there.  The girls and I sat on the curb eating our icees and the boys had drifted to sleep.  Afterwards knowing our large challenge of crossing that street was before us we headed homeward to face our fears.

We approached the road and I thought once again how dumb this entire idea was!  As I watched no break in traffic coming I considered my options.  I could leave the stroller on the side of the street and walk the girls across and then come back and walk the boys but then that did not seem appropriate, or I could dart through traffic with all the kids (that seemed crazy) or finally I could wait until the break in traffic came and I could kind of hold up traffic with my crew.  All options seemed CRAZY but I of course now could only think of getting home.  I say to the girls, “stay close to me and don’t go ahead of the stroller.” (remember I am talking to pre schoolers).

A small break in traffic came and we started.  To this day I have no idea what I thought I was going to do once I got to the middle of the street with four little kids.  But now I was trapped with all four of them in the middle of a busy street waiting for two lanes of traffic to stop for me to finish my crossing.  Finally someone in the first lane did stop and now the second lane came to a slow stop we began to walk and of course the girls got ahead of me and I yelled stay behind the stroller at which point it was to late and the car behind the stopped car crashed into the car in front of him.  Yeah you read it right, I caused a car accident and thank God we were not all killed.  I am now wondering if I am using my better judgement even writing this story!  We lived and we did make it home but there is nothing like risking your life and the life of your kids for a sugary icee.  Not one of my best moments and those of you that might be reading this while wondering if you are a decent mom now you can rest assured YOU ARE!  My kids have lived in spite of me at times.  

Okay that was a long story...