There he is looking his best!  No just joking.  But really here is the first man I loved and I still love him to death!!  What a rock he is in our family!  Can you believe I don’t have any better pictures than this of him alone?!  Makes me a little annoyed!  Sometimes when you live close to someone you forget to take a lot of pictures of ‘em...  Dads change your world either for the good or for the bad but they change it all the same!!  It must be hard to be a dad with all that on your shoulders!!  But what a gift when your dad can change your world for the good and call you just to remind you how much he loves you!!  That is this guy.  Always leaving funny little messages on my cell phone telling me how much he loves me! He has lived life with a pen or pencil in his hand which makes me love this picture in a corky sort of way!  We don’t talk long that much these days but we get each other and that means the world!  I know where to go if I need some good father daughter time-- right into the arms of the man who loves me unconditionally no strings attached!!   Small things that matter in big ways!