Camp!  Boy I love camp!!!  I grew up going to camp and I lived wanting to go back to camp from one summer to the next!  I think when you grow up going to camp you can’t wait for your kids to go so they know just how great it is....  The feeling of being without your folks and a week long slumber party.  Could you want for anything more?!  Tell you one thing it is hard for me to drop the kids off at camp and not wish that I was them.  They try to do grown up camp now and it just isn’t the same.  Maybe because it’s no big deal to be away from your parents anymore (because you always are), maybe because grown ups are so much more calm and no one brings lots of candy for everyone to get really hyper on, maybe because everyone gets tired early now and wants to get a good night sleep, maybe because you don’t talk about every cute guy at camp but camp as a grown up is really not the same.

When I was a kid my best friend was FAMOUS for bringing all the candy for the ride up.  We were always stocked on candy for the week and she was also really good at doing tricks on people.  We always got into trouble for doing something a little off.  But camp would not be the same without that!  There was always a camp romance or at least a hope for one and you always came home with lots more friends than when you went.  I miss camp!  That’s the stuff I miss about being a grown up....  There were never any worries at camp!!!  

I take the girls to the bus in the morning for camp....  Just made me think about camp....