We work everyday with Diesel. We take him everywhere. Peter and Diesel have developed so much during the last few weeks. It has been wonderful to see the relationship between these two grow! Peter has learned to take good ownership of Diesel. He is always on top of Diesels behavior and is always working hard to keep Diesel up on all his training. After all the work it was to get Diesel I am very satisfied with how things have been working out. I am beginning to believe that this was the right choice for Peter. He has grown so much just in the last month by having the responsibility of Diesel. 

In this picture we are at Ikea. Diesel is good at keeping the pace of Peter’s wheelchair and has done well at sitting down while Peter is looking at something. He goes under the table when we go out to a meal and he waits for his commands. I think the largest challenge right now is exercising him enough. That may always be the challenge for Peter. I am working at getting a treadmill so that we can put him on that for exercise especially during the hot summer months.  

As of now Peter feels he is ready to take Diesel to college with him. Peter and Diesel have been taking practice trips down to the school every few days. All of that has been working well. I think we just may be ready for school to start over here.

I can hardly believe the boys will be starting college in a couple of weeks! It is strange not having high schooler’s anymore! I felt like high school years lasted a long time. When I added it up I was at Horizon High School for 9 years (well I had an off year in there but it was always on my mind). And now it is all finished. My guess is that I will never walk into that school again. That feels weird too. It is so strange closing the different chapters of raising your children. The chapters of raising your children seem as if they will be open forever when you are in the middle of it but then all of a sudden it is over and the chapter is closing.  

Finding your footing at the end of parenting takes some intentional work. I know I have blogged several times about this and to be honest I’m not sure I have my legs yet. I keep thinking I should. But I don’t. Sometimes I worry I never will. I know I will never stay the same in life and I know things will work the way they are suppose to work out but there are times I wonder if I will get some sort of life back. I think I always feel this a bit after summer break. All summer I focus on pushing the kids to become more independent. I become very focused on spending time with them and developing them as individuals but in the process I lose myself a bit. Maybe that is what I am feeling (in the background right now Peter is watching a cartoon, one that I feel like I have heard in the background of my life for 20 some years).   

I have been working hard at creating a new mindset as my nest begins to empty. I am trying so hard to figure out how to get rid of some of my responsibilities with Peter so that I am able to go back to work. I can only picture myself working part time as of now but I am trying to figure out the best solution. I guess only time will tell. I desire to remain open to whatever it is that God purposes for my life. I pray that my mind and spirit will be flexible and able to move in the direction I am called. I pray that I will not be caught up in what I plan and desire but rather open myself to whatever it is God plans. I pray my desire to be rigid in my thinking will decrease and that I will be open instead to various possibilities.