Learning to love people in your life such as your adult children, your parents and even your spouse without using them to meet a personal need in your life is a challenge. This is something God has been laying on my heart lately. As I learn to love people more in my life I am seeing that when I use them to meet my needs it becomes a selfish kind of love. I am not saying they don’t meet my needs I am just saying when I look to them to do what only God can really do for me I open my relationship up to hurt and disappointment. You love this individual and then you realize you are impacted by their comments, their attention, their time with you, their response to you, etc. Loving someone and getting your needs met by them in return feels so good but it is not unconditional love. I have started to question this in my life lately. What if all my needs were already met? What if I felt so completed that I did not look to anyone to meet my needs except to God. What if every single time someone met a need of mine it was almost like gravy on my mashed potatoes? What if I took the burden of meeting my needs off of the individuals that I love so deeply? I want to be opened to whatever it is my loved individual can give me at the time. And whatever that is I want to accept it like it a gift. Something I may not have needed but sure appreciate receiving.  

This thought alone directs me into finding my completeness in God. It helps me to discover His ability to complete me fully. Finding completeness in humans can leave a strange sort of emptiness, especially if someone is not feeling complete or is having a rough day. It can create a dependence on someone other than God. I desire to find my completeness in the one who created me. I long to learn how to love unconditionally. I have realized I was never created to be completed by an individual here on earth I was only called to love individuals. Why is it so hard to love others with no desire for them to meet a need? Why on earth is it so easy to walk away from the source that gives us unconditional love daily without fail? Today, I want to be filled to the brim before one person meets my emotional need.