The weekend before Easter Jeff and I went to Tulsa and we got together with the Yano’s! Omi and Granddad were in Tulsa visiting Rob and Tammy. So we all went out to a fun family dinner celebrating the approaching Easter holiday! It was a treat in so many different ways. We caught up with family and caught up with Mandi and David all at the same time! What a joy to see Mandi in her apartment with David!

Mandi and David are working hard and are both at the same hospital in Tulsa. They work nigh shift so they are pretty tired all day. But it was fun to see them! It is such a blessing to see your children doing well and growing!

The two of them even stayed downtown with us for a night. It was a pure blessing to see them and interact with them as a couple. With them being so far away it is harder to watch them grow slowly. But this visit brought all sorts of joy and comfort to my heart as I watched them lovingly interact with one another. I am so proud of them. I am so thankful they found each other and that they are purposely working through the adjustments of married life. This picture shows them on their way to work with their hospital behind them. I love them so much!!