This is the first baby to be born in the next generation. Seems so weird! I can hardly get my head around it. My sister became a grandmother this year! She just turned 51 and became a Granny! J It is sweet to see but feels strange all at the same time. Reminds me how fast time goes by.

Watching Steven and Chandis hold this new little life with eyes full of love, question, and exhaustion reminds me how children teach us the essentials in life.  Without these sweet little wonders we would never fully understand sacrifice, love, or selflessness. God is perfect in all his ways. He brings new life and it touches our heart like nothing else and in that love we complete our personal growth as adults. Once you have children you learn what it is like to want the very best for someone else. You learn what it feels like to have dreams for another individual. Until you hold that baby in your arms you never really know what it feels like to love another human on this earth more than yourself.

And so as the next generation learns the new lessons of parenting and it becomes time to step back a little and allow them space for grow, fail, search, and get up again. The constant need to adjust is part of the process. I think until now I have not been able to see everything parenting really taught me. Maybe that is another part to parenting, you are so busy changing, adjusting, and correcting your own perspective that it is hard to observe all that it is doing to you as an individual. I am excited to watch it from another perspective. I look forward to being able to support this upcoming generation in their journey.

Jeff says, “parenting makes you love more than you ever have, makes you give more than you ever thought possible, makes you work harder than you ever have, and then makes you give it all to God.” That is the balance, desiring to hold to the love with white knuckles as God and life loosens your grip. But that is for the next generation to find out slowly. And in their process of discovery they will finally discover what their parents have done for them.  It is a beautiful journey into love.