In a couple of days these two will graduate from high school! What a crazy thought! The school called me and told me that the entire student body votes on the “Most Inspirational” student each year. This year the student body voted Peter as the “Most Inspirational”. I started to tear up. If the kids had only known that for years they were HIS inspiration! I was so touched by the fact that they wanted him to be recognized for his constant joy, ability to say hi to everyone on campus and his ability to reach out to anyone.

Thinking back upon his school journey made me want to fall to my knees. Peter’s school path has been difficult at times and the struggle to keep him up with his peers has felt impossible at times. But as I am days away from graduation I realize it was all worth the struggle. Peter has been able to face high school and finish it with determination. He has even been able to get himself into a Catholic University here in Mesa. He found the university and begged me to allow him to apply. He did apply and he got a nice scholarship. It has been amazing to watch this child and allow God to simply open his path one step at a time. The moment I go more than one step in my mind I get scared and then I remember God is with us in the present. He desires that we stay focused on one step at a time. Peter has taught me many things but this has been one of the most valuable lessons I have learned, stay thinking only one step at a time….

Jefferson will be graduating and attending Scottsdale Community College’s film school. We are so happy and thankful that Jefferson has found something that he is very passionate about. The film school will help him hone his talents and will teach him to use his skills in videography.  He has much potential! We are so proud of the two of them!