Peter wraps up his cheerleading career at Horizon High school. Peter cheered for three years. This is his squad at the final banquet. It was a complete surprise that Peter would actually letter in high school. A prediction I would have never made. But it was all in God’s plans for Peter’s life. God’s plans for us are so much higher than our plans for ourselves. Why do we ever limit God to our human perspective? I wish in life I could constantly live with my heart opened wide willing to accept all that God sets before me trusting that he loves me! But many times I become burdened with circumstances.

Peter never is burdened with circumstances. He always tries new things. He always opens himself up to the possibility. He always is sure things will work out for the better. I love that about him. When you spend time with Peter he talks about all that he wants to do and all of the possible fun he has before him. I have never heard Peter limit himself even once.