We have just arrived in Oregon! We will be going to Grants Pass to do all the training for our new service dog! Training goes every single day from 8:30-5:00pm! Jeff drove us up to Oregon but he will be going home after the first day of training. Then it will just be Peter and I. I have rented a house in the forest for the two of us. When I say it is in the forest I am not joking it is deep in the forest and it is about a half hour from class.

I love Oregon so I am looking forward to my time in Oregon but I am nervous because I have not been the sole caretaker for Peter for two weeks in a long time. That takes a lot of strength to do all the transfers and showers etc. I usually get a lot of help from Jeff. So working these two weeks with Peter may be a physical challenge.

We started our trip off by enjoying dinner in Ashland. We have been to Ashland before with the entire family back when everyone was young. I really like the town it is supper fun and charming. Peter fell in love with a restaurant there and in his usual way he made instant friends with the manager, Dexter. Dexter loved Peter right back. Peter said after meeting him for the first time, “I wish I lived in Dexter’s neighborhood because I would say hi to him every night when he came home from working at the restaurant.” Such a simple thought but such a meaningful idea. We left the restaurant that night knowing it would not be our last time there. 

Peter told Dexter that we were in Oregon to get his service dog. He promised that he would bring his dog back to the restaurant after we got him. Dexter told him he could come back anytime and he would be treated like a king.